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Visa Assistance

We can explain the visa application process and point out to the important information on DoHA (Department of Home Affairs) website.

We have been assisting students to apply for Student visa so many times, we can make sure your visa application is organised and lodged properly.

Option 1: Basic assistance

If you would like to go through the process by yourself but need a little guidance, we are happy to assist you for free of charge. We can refer you to DoHA website with important information to make sure you are on track.

Option 2: Hands-on assistance

If you are not confident to organise the visa by yourself, we can walk through the whole process with you.

  • We will explain how the process works based on the information from DoHA website

  • Help you making an appointment with Panel Physician for Medical Examination

  • Check what the required documents are for your application

  • Assist you to review completed application form before lodgement

Please contact us for more information and the service fee price.

Bringing your family?

If you are planning to come to Australia with your family, there are so many things your need to know to meet the requirements. We can explain things you need to be aware of, and depends on your circumstances we can refer you to a Migration Agent for further professional advice.