PEACS visited POM National High School

I've been living in Port Moresby since 2013 and more I live here, I discover a significant connection between PNG and my home country Japan.

Port Moresby National High School was funded and constructed by Japanese Government and opened in 1996. It was my first time to visit the school and I was very impressed with a great campus!

I was very fortunate to have an opportunity to speak to 600 students from Year 11 and 12.

I have lots of presentation opportunities to different audiences, but Year 11 and 12 are definitely my favorite ones. They remind me when I was their age, and dreaming to study abroad. They have so much energy and ambition and I believe that it is the best time for them to explore the world!

I was told that some students are studying Japanese and they are very interested in studying in Japan. So I explained them an opportunity to study a degree in Japanese Institutions all in English, and also learn to speak Japanese.

I am very proud to promote my home country as a study destination, as I have so much fond memories as a student. PNG and Japanese culture have so much in common, and as I love living here, I'm sure Papua New Guineans will love living in Japan!

- Mitsuki