Free Information Seminar

We have ran another free information seminar at Lamana Hotel last night.

We are very grateful for people who made an effort to attend our seminar!

I covered broad area of topic last night:

1. Study opportunity and procedure in Australia, Japan and Fiji

2. Partial Scholarships opportunity

3. Cost comparison

4. How to choose right pathway and destination for your study

5. How to overcome financial challenge

I always aim to provide the accurate information and truth. There are lots of "Too good to be true" study abroad opportunity out there, but reality is, Studying Abroad is a huge commitment and investment, but if you do it properly, it is a low risk high return investment. Everyone has a equal opportunity and it is very up to them to make their dream come true.

I can tell that there are lots of people who are interested in studying abroad but don't know where to start. I hope last night's seminar helped them to finding a starting point at least.

- Mitsuki